Wladimir Barantschikov graduated from the Academy

of Arts in St. Petersburg in 1983. Specialized in restoration of monumental art and icons he owned and operated an Indoor Design company for about ten years engaging in various art projects in Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. In 1995 the artist migrated to the south of Germany and since then has worked as a freelance artist exhibiting his art on multiple national as well as international art galleries.


Previous (and current) exhibitions in:

Germany,  Austria, France, Belgium, USA, China and Taiwan.

"As I am constructing images of a dreamy-like, out of space reality, my intention is to depict the world in unusual ways. I desire to capture the psychological and mystical elements of life that are often invisible to the eyes. I play with colors and forms. I am inspired by century-old artworks and simultaneously guided by the images of our modern and fast-moving world. The interplay of all elements allows me to paint a world full of possibilities in which any person can think of their own interpretation and create their own story."